Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Which one is good…Online or Offline shopping?

This debate is going on for years about benefits for Online and Offline shopping comparatively. Selling can be done in both traditional (brick and mortar store) as well as through a website. Here are some pros and cons of both. We are an ecommerce website development company in Delhi that can make the online store works faster.

Shopping can make anyone happy and e-commerce is doing it very well knowingly. No more need to spend endless hours in shopping, rather than moving to a new store you are just needed to click some buttons.

With the increase in usage of Internet, online shopping is growing at an alarming rate. Almost everyone prefers Online shopping over Offline. Whatever you choose is going to decide your sales.

Benefits of Online marketing:

The main advantage of Online shopping is it comes up with extremely lower cost than a traditional physical store. No need to pay extra for physical space and other expenses. Employees as well as customers appreciate the convenience of online stores.

Who doesn’t want quality of a product? Online shopping gives an advantage of returning the faulty or imperfect products in any manner. Yes, there are shipping costs but still it offers huge discounts on the base price. Online discounts are always available for a product. It offers great shopping savings.

Most of us use Mobile devices that play an important role in the sales and purchase of retail industry. More than half of the online searches are accounted on Mobile devices. The biggest Social media site Facebook is operating on Mobile with 91% of the users. Facebook advertising revenue is generated 80 cents out of one dollar on the Mobile devices. Even the 53% searchers prefer mobile phones.

If talking about loyalty on Online users, 64% of the users open their email only because they trust that particular brand. 38% of the users recommend brands that they liked or followed on the Social media. 21% of customers buy products from the brands they like.

Benefits of Offline shopping:

Traditional shopping is still the best!

It’s all about making yourself happy and e-commerce is taking that joy out of experience. You cannot try clothes or anything and then ask your friends about its look. Physical store gives the option to customers for experiencing the product indeed. Getting the idea on a Computer is hard. The texture and feel of cloth does not give the exact idea of cloth.

Not everyone knows about online shopping and its basics, usually everyone prefers to shop in an offline store. The sales staff gives personalized attention and also the recommendation from Sales staff as per the requirement. Online shopping sometimes take too much for the delivery of products buy thankfully there is nothing like this in the Traditional shopping.

By shopping from your local community, you are supporting your local community and small businesses. Store proximity is another factor that needs to be considered.


There is nothing bad about online stores; our ecommerce website development in Delhi can do it on fingers for you.


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